Skellboy: Time to be a Hero Once More | Complete Review

‘Skellboy’, a skeleton hero.

What’s the Plot?

The Cubold Kingdom was a peaceful place to live until the king’s evil court magician got dumped by the princess. This broke his heart and in anger, he resurrected the dead the kingdom’s long-forgotten monstrosities. Skellboy, a skeleton hero is tasked to save the kingdom with all his might.

While reviving the monsters, he mistakenly summoned a cute ancient hero “Skippy” too. Skippy made up of skeletons only and can swap his body parts to obtain new skills and abilities. With these abilities and several other deadly weapons, your task is to save the Cubold Kingdom from resurrected monsters.


The Skellboy “Skippy” has head, chest and leg slots. You can swap these body parts for those found or dropped by enemies. Different body parts may provide you different abilities — for example letting you float — or may grant extra health or both.

Although you shouldn’t expect a lot from the Skellboy, coz there is nothing very new or unique here, but still, I found it quite entertaining. The concept of swapping out body parts is funny. You can pick up enhancements dropped by various enemies or smashed boxes which might provide anything from improved armor to an exploding head that can be used to bomb walls.

Just like all other RPGs, you as Skippy, are free to explore the kingdom, opening progress by unlocking doors or gaining new abilities.

The combat system is pretty easy, you go near your enemy, swing your weapon and that’s it. However, that’s what you would expect from a pixelated 2D game. There are some extra things you can do, like charged club attacks and the ability to throw lances. The Boss fights are very entertaining and you get pretty much rewards after defeating them. Against some bosses, you may need a few attempts to learn their patterns that make it even more exciting.

Credit: UmaikiGames

One thing that annoyed me a lot is Skellboy’s movement. It’s slower than other adventure titles that makes it a bit harder to react to enemy attacks. The slow movement makes traversing some of its larger areas a bit of drag.

Puzzles usually amount to finding a switch or collecting and equipping a certain ability, and there are additional sidequests and challenges, such as collecting all of the available body parts or weapons, but players can get through the game perfectly fine without doing them.

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Our Final Thoughts

It’s not about a great high-end RPG that will last in your memory for a long time, but it’s enough to keep you entertained for quite a while. Skellboy is filled with high level of humor and charm that will keep you engaged for eight to ten hours.

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The Fabraz and UmaikiGames‘ Skellboy is brilliant at its visual design. The Utilization of 2D Graphics in 3D World is just an eminent piece of work with some neat camera work. Combine that with the brave knight’s quest to save the princess and the kingdom from revived monsters, you get a delicious meal to enjoy.

There are some performance issues in the review build like the game stutters at certain points. Though they never came up in critical situations during the review, the stutters are highly noticeable. You may feel the music being repetitive but they are still enjoyable and the sound effects do their job pretty well.

You can’t expect too much from Skellboy, but it does what it should. The game offers enough humourous charm and strong enough gameplay to make it an enjoyable experience. It’s not a very long game, so even if you find some part boring, don’t worry coz that isn’t going to last for a long.

Skellboy: Time to be a Hero Once More | Complete Review

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