One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows. Pre-Release Review

I have watched the anime One Punch Man and I know how powerful Saitama is. He is known as One Punch Man, and that really suits him coz he can defeat almost… anyone (be it a Human or a God) by his single punch. That’s just insane. Isn’t it? Check out this link for One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows Official Site.


Saitama is the lead character in the manga and anime One Punch Man. The world he lives in is always targeted by Villains and Monsters and becomes a battleground between heroes and enemies, but Saitama can take care of them in just one punch. Yep, that’s it. A single punch and its all over. That’s how powerful he is. But he has a very unusual problem.

The problem he faces is that his daily training regime has left him completely bald at the age of just 25, and is utterly bored and depressed at having no-one powerful enough to fight.

Yasuhiro Yahata, Producer of One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows explained, “We considered various different genres, but One Punch Man, Saitama is just too strong, so we were really struggling with how to get him into a game! But ultimately, having thought about and considered different genres, we thought there are a lot of great characters in One Punch Man, not just Saitama, and so we thought this kind of battle game would be a good way for you to be able to play those different characters.”

“I think humor is a very important part of this title,” Yahata-san told thesixthaxis. “As you say, in the anime the fact that he shows up at the end and finishes the battles is an important aspect, so we thought a lot about how to replicate that in the game.”

One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows’ Release Date?

The game is a 3D arena fighting game in which players do battle using teams of three characters from the One-Punch Man universe. It is going to be released worldwide but the release date in Japan and the world is different.

A Hero Nobody Knows is going to be released in Japan on February 27, 2020 and to other parts of the world on February 28, 2020.

Before we proceed, let’s enjoy all the trailers released till now.

  • This was the trailer released by PlayStation on Jul 1, 2019 when they announced the game One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows is coming on PlayStation 4.
One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows – Announcement Trailer | PS4
  • Check out this trailer showed during the Gamescom 2019. A hero always arrives late, and that’s what shown in this trailer. Genos is already having a hard time fighting with Deep Sea King but the timer on the left shows that Saitama is on its way to join the fight.

He is a latecomer and if you have chosen Saitama in your team, you’ll have to handle the opponents with two players until he arrives. However, you can perform combos and perfect guards to shorten the timer.

One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows – Gamescom 2019 Trailer | PS4
  • This is the latest trailer released and named Launch Trailer. It is uploaded on youtube on Feb 25, 2020. This one shows how One Punch Man Saitama defeats everyone in just one punch.
One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows – Launch Trailer | PS4

Here are all the Characters of One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows

Click on the name of each character to know more about them.

One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows Gameplay

As we said earlier, the game is a 3D arena fighting game in players do battle using teams of three characters from One Punch Man universe. The game features a unique “Hero Arrival” mechanic surrounding the series main character, Saitama. As Shown in manga and anime, Saitama is invincible to everyone except himself and is so powerful that he can defeat anyone except himself in one hit.

However, his selection in the team comes with a real trick. If he is on your side, you will have to wait until he arrives and join the fight. Till then, you’ll have to manage with only two players first part of the fight. Although, you can perform some tricks like combos and perfect guards to shorten the timer.

That’s not the only thing unique in the game, it comes with the randomized events that can batter the entire arena that you’re fighting in, suddenly turning a fight into more of a quest to survive a barrage of explosions.

“The concept of Saitama showing up late is pretty innovative,” Yahata-san told thesixthaxis, “and also the variety of events that you get in the game, happenings as we call them. Usually, in video games you get items that show up and you can use them to your advantage, but in this we have quite negative events happening that will put everyone at a disadvantage, and they’re really quite out there and bizarre!”

If Saitama vs Saitama is going on(one of your team and another one of your opponent team), they can deal damage to each other, but they will not make a quick, nervous movement as an instinctive reaction. In short, they will not flinch. If Saitama is defeated (which can only happen by the hands of another Saitama), he runs off to go do something else instead of falling down.

The game also has a “Dream Version” of Saitama, who wears pajamas and has his powers drastically reduced, so he fights like a normal character.

Bandai Namco has taken a very unique approach to present the story in the game. Instead of letting you play as the show’s heroes, you’ll create your own custom character to experience the events of the first season of the anime from a different perspective.

Yahata-san said, “In the One Punch Man world, you have heroes that are very cool, but you also have some heroes that make you think ‘Why has this guy got a pineapple on his head?’ We thought it was really important, that there was really no point in doing a One Punch Man game if you weren’t going to be able to recreate that.”

One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows Story

The story opens with your first misadventure, finding yourself completely outclassed in a fight that ends when Saitama comes to your rescue. After a few months, you’ve enrolled in the Hero Association, passing the first few tests you’ll find yourself chatting to Lecture Man, a smartly dressed chap with a red question mark on his face. The lecture is going to be very boring, so, skip the lecture, skip the popup tutorials and just get to the good stuff!

Credit: Bandai Namco Entertainment

You’ll start off in the center of town, grabbing jobs as the local Hero Association posts them, looking to bump up your Hero Rank and make a noted contribution to society. That will open the door to new missions and quests, unlocking new parts of town to explore.

During that, you will find some bad guys as well, but against them, you will have only one special attack, the Consecutive Normal Punches (one of the named moves Saitama pulls in the show) that unleashes a flurry of hits directly to the front. There will be a lot more things to experience that we’ll find when we play the actual game.

One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows PC System Requirements

  • Minimum Requirements
OS64-bit: Windows® 10 (latest updates)
ProcessorIntel Core i5-2550
Memory8 GB RAM
GraphicsGeForce GTX 570
NetworkInternet connection required
Disk Space8 GB available space
  • Recommended Requirements
OS64-bit: Windows® 10 (latest updates)
ProcessorIntel Core i5-7400
Memory8 GB RAM
GraphicsGeForce GTX 680
NetworkInternet connection required
Disk Space8 GB available space

Pre Order Bonus

The tweet announces some of One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows‘ pre-order bonuses. These include a pair of outfits for Saitama that put him in both a simple tracksuit and snazzy formal wear. Pre-orderers will also get a Saitama mask they can put on their avatar to be the ultimate stalker. Finally, those who pre-order will get “early access” to a character called Saitama (Dream Version).

In it, Saitama has an epic battle against monsters that actually push him to the limits of his insane strength. Unfortunately for him, the whole incident turns out to be a dream born from his desire for an equal opponent.

One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows Release Editions

One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows launches on February 28th and will be the first console video game based on the hit One Punch Man anime series. The game will be released in a Standard Edition and a Deluxe Edition.

The Deluxe Edition will come with

  • The base game
  • The Season Pass
  • A variety of alternate outfits

Pre-orders of either edition will unlock Early Access to play as Saitama (Dream Version), the Saitama Black Suit and Jersey Outfits and the Saitama Mask avatar part.

Here are the full details:

Purchase Options

You can check out the price and purchase the game on any of Amazon, Walmart, Steam, GreenManGaming.

One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows. Pre-Release Review

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