Apex Legends Kings Canyon After Dark Mode Ending Today

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Apex Legends Kings Canyon After Dark is the sixth of the seven events of the two-week Grand Soirée Arcade Event.

Today is the last day of the event ‘Apex Legends Kings Canyon After Dark‘ game mode. Like all other modes in Grand Soirée Arcade Event, this is also destined to be playable for only two days(24th and 25th of January). At the end of 25th Jan, it is replaced by a new game mode, i.e DUMMIES BIG DAY.

What’s new in Kings Canyon After Dark

Now, this is the time to return to the original classic Apex Legends Map. But, hold on, there is a twist. You are allowed to Fight in the classic map but during Night. Yes, that’s the new thing here.

This is not the first time when Respawn has introduced the Night version of Kings Canyon, they added a mode called Shadowfall as a part of Fight or Fright Collection Event, back in October. Shadowfall was a Halloween-themed mode and that too took place during the night time.

So Fans, put your boots in King’s Canyon, traverse through the sandy hills of popular drop-zone Skull Town, to the expansive swamps below the Hydro Dam.

“Get ready; today is not gonna be easy.”

~ Apex Legends

It’s really an excellent way to test the audience interest in different modes. Maybe in future, Respawn will add some of these in the game permanently. However, that’s just a guess. It all depends on the level of interest shown by the audience.

Well, one thing I would like to add at the end, just don’t forget to bring your torch if you don’t want to get knocked down by someone in the dark.

Apex Legends Kings Canyon After Dark Mode Ending Today

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