Grand Soirée | Apex Legends’ New Arcade Event

Apex Legends Grand Soirée Arcade Event
Respawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment announced Thursday the Apex Legends Grand Soirée Arcade Event and it is going on now until the end of January. Here, gamers can enjoy seven different game modes with special challenges and bigger rewards. Every new game mode only lasts for two days and becomes increasingly more difficult in gameplay. Players will finally get to try third-person mode, Gold Rush duos, King’s Canyon After Dark and more.

Limited-Time Mode Arcade

  • Jan. 14 to 15 — GOLD RUSH DUOS — Gold Weapons only with you and a friend. Every weapon in the match is automatically a gold weapon! All gold weapons have preset Legendary-tier attachments, this means you won’t need to scavenge for gear as much. But, it also means that fights could be especially deadly, as everybody will be wielding the best guns!

  • Jan. 16 to 17 — LIVE.DIE.LIVE — Automatically respawn on living squadmates when the ring closes. This mode, Live.Die.Live, gives players a chance to respawn without having to grab a teammate’s banner and taking it to a respawn signal. When the circle moves, dead players will be back to life near their teammates as long as one player from the squad is still alive.

  • Jan. 18 to 19 — THIRD-PERSON MODE — A classic out-of-body experience. Players get a chance to play with Third Person Camera. This is quite a fascinating and bold move, especially when players have used to gotten used to playing in first-person.

  • Jan. 20 to 21 — ALWAYS BE CLOSING — Keep on the move, avoiding big damage from a ring that won’t slow down. That means, the ring never stops shrinking instead of periodical shrinkage. The players get very little to no time to recover or scavenge.

  • Jan. 22 to 23 — ARMED AND DANGEROUS ON WORLD’S EDGE — The only weapons available in this mode will be shotguns and sniper rifles. Additionally, all players will start with lower armor than normal.

  • Jan. 24 to 25 — NIGHT GAME ON KINGS CANYON — Kings Canyon After Dark will allow players to return to the classic original Apex Legends map. However, this will be a version of the Kings Canyon map which takes place at night.

  • Jan. 26 to 28 — DUMMIES BIG DAY — Respawn has not released much details about this mode. However, footage from the event trailer appears to show AI-controlled enemies in the form of colorful test-dummy robots. These ‘DUMMIEs’ don’t seem to use guns, but will instead attack players in close combat with melee attacks.

Some of these modes have been in the game before, but some of them are brand new for the Soirée event. As you play each mode, you progress towards the Grand Soirée suite, which includes new weapons skins, as well as a Mirage skin.

The Grand Soirée started on Jan. 14 and will continue until Jan. 28. Share your experience of the event with us.

Grand Soirée | Apex Legends’ New Arcade Event

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