Apex Legends Dummies Big Day | Last Mode in Grand Soirée Arcade Event

dummies big day
Respawn Entertainment

What can we expect from Apex Legends Dummies Big Day?

The Grand Soirée Arcade event is about to end. It showed plenty of new stuff like gold weapons in GOLD RUSH DUOS, third-person camera in THIRD-PERSON MODE, never stopping circle in ALWAYS BE CLOSING mode and many more.

Respawn Entertainment still something very fresh and new up his sleeve. Last but not the least, Apex Legends Dummies Big Day. Yes, it’s the last and seventh mode in the two-week Grand Soirée Arcade event. I still don’t know much about Dummies Big Day, however, for the fans who enthusiastically want to know more, Respawn has released some images just before it starts. Take a look.

Respawn Entertainment
Respawn Entertainment

“This game ain’t going to test itself,” was the official description for Dummies Big Day. And that’s the only thing we have so far. Some fans speculated that the game is going to be bugged with literal bots, much like Fortnite has done in Chapter 2. Still, we need to wait till tomorrow to now the real thing.

What I think is, the Respawn is introducing bots in the form of colorful dummies. They don’t seem to use weapons, however, they can attack by fist or melee attack.

It’s similar to zombie mode in PUBG, though zombies are a lot more dangerous than these colorful dummies.

Still, I can’t say for sure, maybe these dummies have some supernatural abilities like teleportation or something. Let’s see.

What do you think Apex Legends Dummies Big Day?

Apex Legends Dummies Big Day | Last Mode in Grand Soirée Arcade Event

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