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The final Grand Soirée game mode “Big Dummies Day” is about to end.

Hello everyone, the final mode of Apex Legends’ Grand Soirée Arcade Event, named “Dummies Big Day”, is now live. It offers a unique experience for battle royale fans.

In the previous article, I tried to anticipate, what Dummies Big Day would offer. You can read it all here.

And what I thought was (sadly) not 100% correct. Our anticipation about the dummy being introduced was correct, however, I thought they would be extras (like zombies in zombie mode in PUBG). But in Dummies Big Day, all the legends are replaced with test dummies. We did not expect this. Dummies also have their own unique ultimate and capabilities.

Check out this trailer of Apex Legends Dummies Big Day Event.

New tactical abilities, like loot spawner, which allows players to summon random loot items for “testing purposes”. Items generated from this ability include attachments, health items, and ammo.

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Watch this iTemp Plays’ video to understand the new abilities better.

The Dummies ultimate is called Panic Button and has three different variants.

  • One ultimate activates an emergency dance party which creates several clones that mimic the players’ movement.
  • The second variant of the ultimate activates an “Emergency Area Heal” which heals everyone in the limited area.
  • The third variant activates an “Emergency Loot Piñata” that drops weapons, ammo, and armor for the player.

The Apex Legends Dummies Big Day event is a limited-time mode and will disappear on January 28, 2020. The two-week Grand Soirée Arcade event will also end with this. Do give it a try before it’s gone.

Apex Legends: Dummies Big Day | We Are All Dummies

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